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M H Restorations Sandblasting provide a mobile sandblasting service throughout Cheshire, Cumbria,Lancashire, Yorkshire, Scotland and nationwide.

The company specialises in wet and dry blast cleaning of stone, brick, steel and timber. We are experienced in the blast cleaning of tanks, vessles and working in confined spaces. MH Restorations are skilled in all aspects of building restoration and repointing.

Blast cleaning restored this stonework to its original colour

Blast cleaning, also known as shot blasting, grit blasting or sand blasting is the process of cleaning materials that include wood, stone, brick and metals by propelling an abrasive medium at the surface using compressed air.

MH Restorations Sandblasting can remove years of accumulated grime; paint and other coatings from a surface to restore its original colour or in preparation for repainting.

MH Restorations repointing service can generally help to conserve a property, improve its image, increase value and aid it’s resale.


Environmentally Friendly

All the media we use is chemically inert and conforms to ISO 11126 (non- metallic) or SAE 2.5 (Metal).

By using different grades of abrasive and varying the pressure, it is possible to offer a ‘gentle’ cleaning process, such as on old brickwork or timbers, as well as a powerful, high- pressure blast, which will remove the most stubborn coatings.

Dust generated from the process can be minimised by using low breakdown abrasives and inducting water as a wet blast method.

Quality Work

M H Restorations Sandblasting provides a top quality service at an affordable price.

Hiring the right specialist contractor can make all the difference in a construction or refurbishment project.

We have many years of blast cleaning and re-pointing experience working in both the commercial and domestic sectors.

Our flexible and cost-effective approach, means that any job, be it large or small, is carried out in a professional and courteous manner.

No Job is too small for M H Restorations Sandblasting.

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