Blast Cleaning (Sandblasting)


MH Restorations Sandblasting blast clean timber, brickwork, stone and steelwork to remove stain, paint contaminates, algae, water marks and corrosion.

We use a variety of media dependent on the application; glass beads for aluminium and stainless steel, calcium carbonate for ornate and delicate oak timbers, crushed mineral (silica free) for beams, brickwork, stone and render and copper slag (silica free) for steelwork.

Re-pointing & Sealing


The deterioration of pointing will eventually lead to ingress of water into the external fabric of a building. The life cycle of the mortar is generally lower than the other material used in the construction of the building.

Damage to pointing can be caused by frost, water or pollution from motor vehicles, burning of fossil fuels or past industrial practices. MH Restorations can provide timely repair to improve a property’s appearance and increase it’s resale value.

Pressure Washing


MH Restorations can provide a high pressure water jetting service to patios, buildings, and roadways. Pressure washing can be used on stone work for the removal of cement, effervescent stains and final new build cleaning.

Graffiti Removal


Graffiti is a modern day nuisance which has spread throughout the UK. It can severely change the appearance and character of a neighbourhood which may lead to an increase in crime and a depression of property values. MH Restorations offer a non destructive service for the removal of graffiti using blast or chemical cleaning techniques.

Tank, Vessel & Confined Space Cleaning


Blast cleaning is used to clean and prepare a tank or vessel surface for a protective coating. Once we have blast cleaned an area it is clean, smooth and in perfect condition to receive either paint or another form of protective coating.

We are specialists in blast cleaning in confined spaces using a Blast & Vac system for totally dust free blast cleaning, which is ideal for the removal of hazardous coatings or for blast cleaning in sensitive areas where dust and debris are not permitted. The Blast N’ Vac recovers abrasive and residue as it blasts. There is no mess, no contamination and no clearing up.